Bryan Lee Brown | Sonic Highways

Bryan Lee Brown is an award-winning composer living in Los Angeles. He has composed and produced music for film, television and multimedia installation. Under auspices of his Dark Brown endeavor, his work fuses abstract minimalism with melodic psychedelia to create an expansive range of ambient soundscapes. In addition, his compositions have been featured in the work of celebrated new media artist, Jennifer Steinkamp (their video installation collaboration, S.W.E.L.L., is in the permanent collection Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art). Brown composed and recorded tracks for: HBO Sonic Highways, The Collection, Bones Brigade, No Room For Rock Stars, After Porn Ends, The Life Of Reilly,Stylemasters, Death Bowl to Downtown, CSI Miami,16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Fox Sports, Budweiser, Friskies, Dish, Vans, CVS, Craftsman and Sears.